Had been dealing with this race from ten years. I saw some of them when I was in Finland to visit a chihuahua kennel and there I bought my dear Multi Ch De Goizette Tereino. Then the race wasn't acknowledged by FCI, and I always got news about that from some Russian breeders friend of mine.

As soon as it was acknowledged as a race I bought my two first Russian Toys, a male and a smooth coat female, moving some friends in Italy to share me (non credo che in inglese si possa tradurre fare una follia). Mrs Gianna Turibolo and Mrs Patrizia Bernicchi bought 4 subjects from Russia, too. At the same time in Italy it could be possible to see some subjects in shows.

In Euroasia show 2006 at Moscow, where I was to get known about chihuahuas judgements, there was an important step for my breeding Russian Toys story. Three chihuahuas produced by me were registered in the same class and, for I think they were very good subjects, I wanted see them in the same ring. Yo Te Quiero Di Rio Galeria got the Best in Show Reserve and I was really satisfied. Meanwhile I noticed there was a (non so come si dice nero focato comunque scrivi come si dice e poi ci metti un trattino e dopo ci scrivi coloured in questa posizione) long coat Russkiy Toy female and I wanted her at all costs on the pretext of celebrating the great victory of a breeded by me dog with a special present. It wasn't easy, her breeder didn't want to sell her, bust at last I managed to get Yunona.

Yunona (owned by Paolo Tartaro) and Sokrovidhe Montezuma Dolce Vita Vladistar (owned by Gianna Toribolo) were both the first to get the Italian Championship, but the really great satisfaction was to get also Mexican and World Championship at Mexico City in 2007, altough there were breeders from Russia and Usa that were showing their Russian Toy

Both subjects have still gone on to get important results in many shows in other European countries.

From my first Yunona litter a female named Loletta Di Rio Galeria was born, after it was sold to Mrs Gemma Carone, who is doing her best to show her in Italy, contribuing to get this race known and getting very good results.

Its popularity in Italy is growing up, it was appreciated straight away by many people and I believe it doesn't happen because it's a new race, but because of his great uncomparable character.